Anonymous said: Dean and Cas driving, but one of them getting so horny they either: a) pull over and fuck on the hood of the impala and/or b) Cas gives Dean a blowjob while he drives.

This will be posted on wateranddrabbles as well

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Anonymous said: Do you have a fanfiction account? If so what is it?

Yes. My fanfiction and Ao3 accounts are both called dontcryMasha

The links are under my fanfiction page to the right. (Should be to the right)

Anonymous said: Will you answer previously asked prompts on there or here?

I’m still trying to figure this out. I think I’ll be posting them all on the drabble blog! It’s a little confusing, I know, but work with me through this and I promise it will be much nicer when they’re all on the other blog :)

I started a separate blog for my drabble requests!

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What actually happened in Purgatory.

deansass I told you I could make a gifset AU where Castiel chases bees and then Destiel somehow becomes canon.

hahaha this fandom is just so full of denial 

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I finally got around to uploading my fucking video from the Capital 4th concert this year. THIS IS WHAT I WAITED 8 FUCKING HOURS FOR. It was worth it.

My Mom Is Obsessed With Laundry

a poem

My mom is obsessed with laundry

Every day she is doing a load

One, two or four,

and occasionally more

Yet the water bill makes her explode.

So I said to my mom, “Dear mother

I’m reserving a space for my wash

I only need one day

I swear, only Sunday”


The three times I’ve seen Kendall Schmidt live :)

Anonymous said: I hope you're still doing prompts. If not, oh well. Cas was hit by a "fuck or die" spell that was strong enough to work on an angel or whatever, and Dean has to fuck it out of him on the hood of the impala. (Preferably their first time together)

You need to read my fic “Heat.” The type of smut you’re looking for is definitely there. But here is just a little bit of what you wanted:

I couldn’t believe it.

I was inside him.


This whole time I had been running and hiding from what I wanted, but when it was finally offered to me I took it. Poor Cas; it was hard to tell if he really enjoyed it or not, but the curse was so heavy he was thrilled to have it relieved.

I pushed him down, face first against the hood of my car and slowly pressed my slick cockhead within him. I told him to relax, because his hole was just too tight. The jumble of tan coat was all over his back to expose a soft, pale ass with his pants just barely dropped. I rocked my hips gently to ease myself in. Cas’ hands tensed up on the cold, black metal.

“This help?” I asked, huffing a little.

“Y-yes. Yes very much so…”

I couldn’t see Cas’ face for shit but his light moans told me I was doing it right. It was amazing to be inside of him; his tight ass had been on my mind for a while. Now, his body flushed white hot as he bucked back against me.

“Damn,” I huffed. “For a virgin, you know how to make a guy feel good.”

“The curse,” Cas replied with a short gasp. “The curse it overwhelming.”

He had accidently gotten mixed up with some bad news and picked up a wicked curse. This crazy thing that had to be fucked out of him, or else he might die. I couldn’t risk that, right?

“Feel good?” I asked, pounding into him harder. I looked down and watched my dick disappear and reappear around that ring of pink muscle.

“Y-yes,” Cas moaned. He contracted his hole and I shouted loudly. I didn’t even care if someone would notice. It felt so fucking good.

“Daaaamn,” I moaned, rolling my head back. “What do I gotta do to get this curse out of you?”

“Keep at it,” Cas whined in a short tone. “J-just keep at it…haaa…aaahh…”

I delivered thrust after thrust, deep inside his desperate, needy hole. My abs ached from the fucking. He took it so well and behaved so nicely even though he was cursed.

 I picked up the pace wickedly now, not even worrying about Cas’ problem but more so my need to get off. My dick was throbbing and throbbing, hungry for release. I kept my palm tight on Cas’ back to pin him down, while I used the other one to grasp his cheek. It was so firm. So inviting. Jesus Christ.

Then all at once, I threw my head back and let my orgasm go. A thick, hot load pumped deep inside Cas’ cavity and I think he came, too. It was hard to tell, but his squeals of delight and increased breath, followed by a sigh of relief made it decently discernable.

“Hey,” I said, catching my breath. I pulled out and watched my cum dribble out of his. “Shit, shit!” Using my hand, I tried to catch it before it stained his pants. Cas turned his head on its side and exhaled slowly. He smiled just barely. “You okay?” I asked.


“Is it over?”

“I believe so. I feel considerably more normal.”

“Cool. Uh.” It was sorta awkward for a second. I packed my dick back into my pants and helps Cas get dressed. Yeah, he came. There was a little line of cum that looked like fireworks on the hood of my car. I didn’t even bother him about it. “So uh.”

“Yes?” Cas asked. His hair was a real mess.

“Maybe we can do this again? Without the curse?”

He smiled. Then nodded. “Yes,” he agreed. “I would like that.”

Very NSFW! A lot of 18+ stuff. Destiel, Kendall Schmidt, my decent writing, my crappy art. This is a Megstiel free zone; if you ship it, do not follow me and if i follow you please tell me to unfollow.

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